God where have you been

The world is completely black

The light will come soon


School Sucks!

schoolsucksSchool can sometimes suck
Hour after hour my head turns to mush
Again and again i can’t help but get stuck
If I speak my mind everyone says “shush
You have to concentrate or you’ll run amuck”

Sometimes in school
Its hard to stay awake
But if they catch you asleep
You look like a fool

Everyday there are tests I must take
Homework to be done
And projects to make

This stuff better end soon
For my own sake
Good thing we have summer
To give us a break.

Boxing is the Best

boxing image

Ding! Ding! Ding!
We face each other in the center of the ring
Both ready for a pretty good fight
I’m not so worried about this one
I’ll make this an easy night
He comes out with a left and my cheek feels a sting
I come back with a right
What a beautiful swing
He staggers and isn’t lookin’ so strong


I slam him with a lightning quick hook
This isn’t gonna take too long
He steps out of his daze
And regains his footing


He gets me again with that powerful left hand
And I’m so shaken that I can barely stand
I better start dancing or he’s gonna land
Punch after punch and then I’ll be canned


I regain my bearings and start to move
My rhythm is fluid, my weaving is smooth
He keeps jabbing but I’m just too fast
He must be getting tired
He will come out last


I’ve been jabbing crazy,
But time’s running out
No, I will not get lazy
No, I will not lose this bout.


The Intricacies of Life

People are interesting
Everyone different from each other
Each of them
Completely separate from another

Every person
Has so many traits
From architects to athletes
All with unique fates

All leading their on life
In their own way
Through struggle and through strife

And day after day
They move on
And times may be tough
But no matter how rough
A new morning will dawn.

Writer’s Block

what to write

What am I supposed to write
Focus and get this done
You only have one hour

I need a lamp to lend some light
Come on, just think of something
What am I supposed to write

I could write about a tree
Or maybe a flower
But you only have one hour

I am doing this too late at night
Maybe something on a bird in flight
Still I don’t know what to write

Time is not on my side
All of my idea have turned sour
But I only have an hour

Oh god what time is it
The clock gives me a glower
What am I supposed to write
I do not have an hour.